• Testing StackEdit

    This is just a test of a workflow I’m hoping to implement on this and another blog. Hopefully, by using StackEdit, I will have a much smaller barrier to publishing. Once the other site is ready, I’ll post an update here.
  • Migration to Jekyll

    I spent the last hour or so migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll. I am very pleased with the results so far. I used the jekyll-import gem to import my post’s from Wordpress. It was able to grab the posts, but I had to manually fix the formatting and import the images. Luckily, I don’t have many posts, so it didn’t take long.
  • First steps with Haskell

    The other day I was bored and itching for something to do. I decided that it was about time to learn a new programming language. After awhile, I figured that I should try tackling functional programming again. Back in 2008 I tried to learn Haskell, but at the time I just didn’t have it in me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try Haskell again, so I took a look at Scala, Clojure, and Scheme. Scala and Clojure were both interesting, but I wanted to learn functional programming, so I went with Haskell. Haskell is often touted as a “purely functional programming language,” so it seemed perfect.
  • Pre-mortem: Using AngularJS and jQuery Mobile Together

    Or, how I wish this was a postmortem, but I’m still working on the project…
  • Using AngularJS and jQuery Mobile

    UPDATE: Well, I was hasty. What I say here is true, but offering it as a solution is incomplete. I have run into some problems by loading Angular then jQuery Mobile. Specifically, if AngularJS is loaded first, it does not ever get change events on radio buttons. If jQM is loaded first, the form works properly. Apparently, there is a bit more work that needs to go into finding a solution. It is a bummer that angular-jqm is no longer under development.
  • How to patch a transmission like a boss

    This post could be just as aptly titled, “How to be an idiot in one easy step!” I’m going to share an experience I had last year as I was starting the final leg of a 1,000 mile road trip. This post is more funny than educational, so go ahead and laugh. At me. I deserve it.
  • Coffee Can Aluminum Smelter

    A little over a year ago I revisited a smelting hack that I saw online sometime in the past. The first time I built this neat smelter, I had a bit of fun, but no pictures. This second time around I snapped a few (at the bottom of the post).
  • Welcome!

    Hello, world! My name is Kyle. I am a recent college graduate who loves to hack fun. By that, I mean that I find fun in everything. I will use this site as a way to share my hacks, from programming tricks to ghetto rigging transmissions. If you like science, programming, hiking, off roading, or life, then you will like this site. Stay tuned! In the mean time, take a look at the about page.

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